Afterpay FAQ



What is Afterpay?

  • Afterpay is a service that allows us to offer our customers the ability to make purchases now and pay for them in four equal payments made every two weeks without any interest.

How Do I Use Afterpay?

  • Just shop and check out as usual. At checkout, choose Afterpay as your payment method and you will be directed to the Afterpay website. If it’s your first time using Afterpay, you’ll be asked to register and provide payment details (Visa or Mastercard). If you’ve used Afterpay before, just log into your Afterpay account. Then complete your order on our site.
  • Please note, all items in your cart must be eligible for payment with Afterpay and the total amount due must be between $35 and $1,000.

How Does The Afterpay Payment Schedule Work?

  • When using Afterpay, you must make your first payment at the time of purchase. The remaining three payments are then charged automatically to your selected payment method every two weeks in equal installments. If you would like to make additional unscheduled payments before they are due, you may log into Afterpay to make your payments early. Afterpay will then adjust the amount owed accordingly.
  • You can log into your Afterpay account anytime to view your payment schedule or make a payment before the next due date.

What If I Can’t Pay An Afterpay Installment?

  • If funds are not available or you otherwise do not make your payment when it is due, late fees may apply. Please head over to for complete terms.   

When Will My Items Be Delivered If I Use Afterpay?

  • Afterpay orders are delivered in accordance with GymVixen Activewear's shipping policy, and will be sent out directly after your purchase, like any other order placed on our site. Visit our Shipping FAQs page for more information.

How Do I Return An Item Purchased With Afterpay?

  • Returns of items purchased with Afterpay can be made in accordance with our return policy for a GymVixen Activewear e-gift card.

Is There A Limit To How Much I Can Spend On A Single Afterpay Transaction?

  • Yes, your total amount due must be between $35 and $1,000 to use Afterpay on our site.

Where Can I Find Out More About Afterpay?