About Us

Welcome to GymVixen Active! 


As a mom of 3, personal trainer, and barre instructor, I realize that it may be hard find time to get to the gym, go shopping, and pretty much do any self care for yourself.  We are constantly on the go, doing a million things at once, and never get a moment to ourselves.  Which is why I created GymVixen Active.  I wanted to create a brand where you can shop AND workout online at the same time!  It is so important to treat yourself to self care and quite honestly,  YOU DESERVE IT!  

Being that I'm a fitness instructor, I've worn all types of leggings.  Everything from $10 Amazon leggings to the high end luxury brands.  And let me tell you - there is a HUGE difference in quality.  I get it, we all love those high end luxury leggings that cost over $100 a pair, but who wants to feel guilty spending that much on a pair of leggings?  Which brings me to GymVixen.  I wanted to build a brand of activewear that can compete with those luxury leggings we all know and love, but at an affordable price.  I train and workout in these leggings daily and have tested each and every style myself to make sure that these will stay put even during your most intense workout.  OMG-and the absolute best thing??  Compression AND Pockets, ladies, Compression AND Pockets!!  Finally a brand of leggings that will make you look and feel like a million bucks without spending that much!

So if you're looking to unleash your inner Goddess and slay your workout- come check out GymVixen Active.  We're so happy you're here!